Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Spray Bottle for Acne SKincare
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Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Spray Bottle for Acne SKincare Summary

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Spray Bottle for Acne SKincare

  • Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a strong antioxidant that rapidly diffuses throughout the human body, fighting free radical damage on the cellular level on the Skin.
  • Hydrogen is a known anti-inflammatory and stimulates your metabolism. Enjoy healthier and more youthfull Skin.
  • Hydrogen Spray mosturizes your SKin with Anti-Oxidants
  • Portable (60ml) BPA Free Bottle can produce 700 ppb Hydrogen gas concentration in just 2 minutes operation.
  • 12 Month Warranty. We stand behind our products and guarantee youll love them too. Thats why we offer an unconditional 12 month warranty on all product defects.

Our Newest Portable Hydrogen rich water maker generates between 700 PPB of micro hydrogen infused in water The BW500 is hydrogen water mist. Actually It's a cosmetic productand ​designed to use daily . This unit is compact.
This product is usefull for the following:

​ Sterilizing and cleaning of feeding bottles, toys, restrooms, office equipment, blankest, curtains, sofa, bedding and your pet etc. 

You can easily eliminate bacteria in your mouth from a simple spray. 

1.Protect Skin from Harmful UV Rays
2.The Only Nano-scaling Hydrogen Mister
3.Nano Particles that Can Easily Be Absorbed by the Skin
4.Hydrogen has Super Antioxidant Properties
5.Unleash the Healing Properties of Hydrogen
6.Fight acne, Stop inflammation, Protect Your Skin
7.Antioxidation Properties
8.High Hydrogen 700ppb, High ORP -400mV
9.Infusing Fine Molecular Hydrogen
10.Ultrasonic Mist Technology
11.Less is More, Portable, Small Size and very Simple to Use anywhere, anytime, fits to your makeup bag easily.

Power: USB DC 3.7V/ 1600 MAH (Lithium Polymer Battery)
Power Supply: Supports 110V AC and 5V DC
Dimensions: 272Hx75Dx65D2
Weight: 400 g
Capacity: 60 ml
Use Tempature 5-40 Celcius
Electrode : Platinum and Titanium
Modes: 2 minutes
Zen Earth
Product Condition:
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