Live O2 from Oxygen Upgrade Kit - EWOT
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Live O2 from Oxygen Upgrade Kit - EWOT Summary

Live O2 from Oxygen Upgrade Kit - EWOT

If youre using your oxygen generator during exercise, this system be added to increase results by over 400%! 

Want reduced inflammation in 2 minutes?
How about far more energy for workouts and daily life?
How about faster healing?
Better sleep?
Superior immunity? 
Did you know 1 15 min session of LiveO2 is more effective than 20 hyperbaric chamber sessions?

If you already have the oxygen generator, all you need to do is add LiveO2 upgrade kit.

Instead of breathing in a “little” o2 from your generator and blending it with room air, you can now breathe every breath with 93% oxygen no matter how hard you exercise. Thats impossible with your current face mask, nasal cannula or head set. The Nobel Price winning Doctor who discovered the benefits of oxygen therapy, Dr. Warburg paved the way for Dr. Manfred von Ardenne to publish Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Now you can do the same protocol in your home that Von Ardenne did!  

This high volume, low profile advanced EWOT system is purpose-built for high performance and to deliver the ultimate user experience. Made with the most technologically advanced and inert materials available, the reservoir is designed to provide a chemical free, VOC free user experience. The reservoir is manufactured using a specialized two-ply material; the outer layer provides long-term product durability and strength while the inner layer provides an impermeable barrier and is specially manufactured using the highest quality 'food grade' materials. When used according to manufacturers guidelines, this product has a minimum 10-year life expectancy. Most importantly, it's not 'what it is', but rather 'what it does' that sets this advanced EWOT system apart.


  • High volume
  • Low profile
  • Highest possible performance
  • Oxygen Reservoir
  • High Volume Breather Hose
  • High Volume Oxygen Mask
  • Oxygen Concentrator Connector Hose
  • Adhesive Wall Hangers 

There is a widely accepted school of thought that reoxygenation of the body may be the hidden key to healing and sustained health, cellular energy, immune support and detoxification. It is thought that by reoxygenating the body, homeostatic balance may be restored.

Reoxygenating the body by using LiveO2 may:

  • Reduce Internal Inflammation;
  • Reoxygenate Endothelial Tissues and Blood;
  • Counteract Stress and its Harmful Effects;
  • Facilitate Detoxifcation and a Return to Homeostasis;
  • Slow the Aging Process;
  • Reestablish Natural Immunity;
  • Maximize Athletic Performance.


: reduced inflammation within 2 minutes. Lasts 3 days in the body. Anti-inflammatory durable effect on the body is 1 year. 1 15min session is equivalent to 20 hyperbaric chamber sessions. 

Dr. Rowen discussing the benefits using the competing system
. His discussion is based on benefits, not features of the system.

n The News: Dr. Sirus Discusses LiveO2



Live O2
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