Marine Phytoplankton 100 g or 250 g - 100 Pct Pure Freeze-Dried
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Marine Phytoplankton 100 g or 250 g - 100 Pct Pure Freeze-Dried Summary

Marine Phytoplankton 100 g or 250 g - 100 Pct Pure Freeze-Dried

Raw Organic Freeze Dried Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis Gaditana Powder)

(NEW!!) Super Discounted Pricing on both 100 and 250 gram.
100% Pure & Raw.  
No Additives or Preservatives of any kind.
Never heated or irradiated. 
Grown in a bio reactor and not in open sea water to provide a safe clean product.

  • Our MP is not grown in the open ocean due to pollution concerns, instead this product is grown under controlled, purified conditions in the European Union.
  • Complete Protein (50%) Chlorophyll EPA (Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids) Phospholipids (which aid the absorption of EPA and other Omega 3's) Vitamins Minerals Beta-Carotene Zeaxanthin Violaxanthin, Antheraxanthin, Vaucheriaxanthin (Potent Antioxidants) The EPA in Phytoplankton is better absorbed than fish oils because they can more easily cross the blood/brain barrier in your brain
  • High Quality Packaging used to preserve freshness and potency (Re-closeable HDPE Zipper Bag)

Marine phytoplankton makes up one quarter of all vegetation (land and sea) and according to NASA provides up to 90% of the Earths oxygen supply. It produces more oxygen than all the Earths forests combined! Scientific research shows marine phytoplankton is one of the most important foods on the planet, with an incredible nutrient profile. Its the main food source for everything on Earth!

Marine Phtyoplankton benefits:

• Improved Energy levels 
• Improved heart rhythms 
• Improved heart rate. 
• Improved blood lipids 


• All essential amino acids
• Omega-3 , 6 and 12 fatty acids 
• The Complete spectrum of Vitamins 
• 17 different beta-carotenoids 
• Full spectrum of over 90 well assimilated minerals 
• Especially high in iron and magnesium 
• Co-enzyme 9 (Coq 9) 
• Chlorophyll
• EPA - brain-healthy eicosapentaenoic omega 3 essential fatty acids 
• Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin 
• Phospholipids which assist with the uptake of EPA and other essential omega 3 fatty acids. 
• Beta carotene and zeaxanthin - important nutrients for the eyes and help prevent macular degeneration.
• Violaxanthin, antheraxanthin, vaucheriaxanthin - powerful antioxidants. 
• Complete protein at a whopping 50+%.

Raw Organic Marine Phytoplankton
 is the best vegan plant source of Omega 3 fatty acid EPA!! EPA improves brain chemistry and cognitive abilities (including memory). 

Excellent source of nervous system supporting antioxidants. 

Excellent source of energy. Nucleotides are the currency of a cell — these are the biological battery packets that are used to produce cellular energy. The nucleotides in marine phytoplankton bypass the mitochondria production factory altogether because phytoplankton nucleotides directly feed the cell with energy. This allows the cell to produce energy quickly and effectively without having to go undergo the energy loss from digestion. Marine phytoplankton also helps produce cellular energy without any calories by bypassing the mitochondria (the energy powerhouses of the cell). The effect of taking medium to high dosages of marine phytoplankton is energy without stimulation. The ATP and other nucleotides found in phytoplankton turn directly into energy once entering the body, making marine phytoplankton an excellent superfood for people seeking long-term energy and focus, without nervousness/stimulants. 

Growing Conditions: 
Because of pollution issues our Marine Phytoplankton is not grown in the open ocean; it is thoughtfully grown under controlled, purified conditions in a photo-bioreactor within the European Union. 

Raw Freeze Dried Marine Phytoplankton Powder (Nannochloropsis Gaditana) 

Adult Recommendations: 2-3 grams (approx. 1-2 teaspoons) mixed in water, juice, or smoothie daily. Can also be added to any favorite dish (taste is similar to fresh shrimp). Refrigerate upon opening sealed tight and dry, and consumed within 3 months. Recommended for children and breast-feeding mothers! 

Important Allergy Information: Because it is unknown whether those with shellfish allergies will be adversely affected by Marine Phytoplankton, precautions should be observed as they have similar taste and chemistry.

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