MitoQ 5mg 60 Capsules Triple Pack - Free Priority Ship
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MitoQ 5mg 60 Capsules Triple Pack - Free Priority Ship Summary

MitoQ 5mg 60 Capsules Triple Pack - Free Priority Ship

Discovered at the University of Otago, New Zealand, MitoQ is a NEW third generation CoQ10 that targets the energy generating organelles in your cells – your mitochondria. MitoQ is considered a significant advance in antioxidant technology designed to improve mitochondrial function to deliver health-giving energy to your cells and organs, and, to slow the aging process.

MitoQ is a patented antioxidant that targets the mitochondria, our cellular power plant, to support optimal cell function and heart, liver and brain health. MitoQ also boosts energy, and reduces the cellular free radical damage that, over time, causes us to age and can manifest as health issues.

Levels of Cellular CoQ10 (ubiquinone or ubiquinol) decline from age 20, so many people supplement with CoQ to assist energy levels, to support certain health conditions, and when taking medicines that deplete CoQ10. Unfortunately, most CoQ formulas do not reach the mitochondria at levels that are needed.

MitoQ is different. It has been designed to replenish antioxidant levels in the mitochondria and in so doing assists the cell with repair and regular function, and acts as an antioxidant reservoir to reduce the damage that excess free radicals cause to DNA and cell membranes.

1. MitoQ is water soluble and has excellent absorption with high bioavailability. CoQ10 is not water soluble and has low bioavailability.
2. MitoQ doesn't need to be taken with food unlike CoQ10.
3. MitoQ very quickly reaches peak concentrations in the body, unlike CoQ10.
4. Almost all of MitoQ is rapidly and extensively taken up into your mitochondria by an active process, unlike CoQ10 where less than 5% actually penetrates the mitochondria.
5. MitoQ requires very small doses due to excellent absorption and bioavailability (10mg) cf. CoQ10 requires up to1000mg 
6. MitoQ is an effective antioxidant due to superior absorption and rapid recycling back to active form.
7. MitoQ has widespread and efficient uptake by the body signaling significant potential in improving human health!


Supplement facts:

Adult dose: 2 capsules each morning.

MitoQ Poster- Mitochondria
Meet your mitochondria

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Do not exceed dose unless directed by your physician. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing.


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Customer Reviews
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I just took my first pill (I have chronic fatigue...though perhaps it's gulf war syndrome but the military would never say for sure). My lungs expanded and I felt like I was gulping in air (like I had been underwater too long). After 10 minutes of that, I felt very energetic, though not scatter brained like a coffee rush. I got up and started cleaning and cooking (things I had been putting off because I hadn't felt up to it). After about an hour, my happy came back. I just feel this background positive feeling I haven't felt in ages. So I gave some to my kids. They were born after I developed chronic fatigue, and I have always been afraid they inherited my mitochondria problems. They didn't get a rush of energy, but were noticeably perkier (happier, more interested in playing...they are 12 and 9). It probably won't work for everyone, but is just amazing for me. And I have taken every form of COQ10 and ubiquinol that I could find (they did very little for me).
CoQ10 attached to a molecule that gets it into the energy factory
Always the skeptic about supplement claims, knowing most are just pissed away... I did a couple weeks of research on this...due to it's pricey cost and coming from other countries outside of continental USA. Here is a little time line of what I noticed special CoQ-10 attached to a delivery molecule that gets 1000x more of this anti-oxidant right tru all of the cell walls in your body...and thru 2 walls of the cells energy engine. Everyone has a different physiology so we all will react differently a bit. I take only one pill early in the morning with water on an empty stomach, this so far going on 10th day. 2 hours after first does my tinnitus (slight ear ringing) was accentuated and remained so. 1st night of sleep, much more dreaming or awareness of dreaming in the morning. This is a big change as I seldom remember dreaming or dream little due to practicing silent sitting meditation for 20-30 minutes each day. 5 th day, I started to have more clarity of thoughts and noticed that the technical materials I study and usually have to read 2 or 4 times to absorb I was now reading and remembering 1 take. This is a definite and pronounced effect and has continued each day to be subtly noticeable. I do the same 8 mile bike ride and have noticed just today that my speed from the log on the odometer has increased for the last 4 rides. There are only two labs in the world I know of that work with this concept of delivery of CoQ10 with a molecular tug boat attached. This one in New Zealand and a Russian lab that started this research years before and sells eye drops on ebay. I just ordered the eye drops and you can Google this with it's own name SKQ-1. I will do a personal trial on me and my old dog with Cataracts per their strongly suggested dosage and run until the 3 small bottles are exhausted also testing has been done on Glaucoma. There is quite a bit of testing and studies going on now about several uses for these products...since this works on every cell of the body with Mitochondria within. This company in New Zealand also makes a skin cream that I plan to also try after I finish these two personal studies. If you are not a person in tune with your body's subtle changes...don't expect to experience much thunder and lightening here...I expect changes such as increased useful life span longevity and the rest of the benefits reported in mice will come gradually. If I were to take just one supplement, this would be it and I plan to slowly increase my dose to the 2x per day they recommend and then some. Remember, supplements have to be tuned to be delivered to where they work...most often they just end up in the toilet...and this is a multi-billion dollar gave of speculation and hope often...this one seems to be well on the right track.
The Best of what ails ya
This product- MitoQ has patented technology....and it shows! I have late stage chronic Lyme and this stuff works to increase energy and an overall good feeling. I can definitely tell when I let myself run out of it. It's pricey, but IMHO nothing compares. I keep coming back over and over for more!! Worth every penny :)
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